Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Release in 2020

Guardians of the Galaxy fans rejoice! The third installment of the film, after Avengers Infinity War has been said to release in 2020.

James Gunn, the director of the Guardians films, today confirmed the release date of the film during a Q & A session with fans on Twitter. He also stated that the story will not be impacted in any way by the Disney/Fox deal, which means that there may not be any possibility, at this stage anyway, of there being any inclusion of previously owned Fox characters such as the Fantastic Four.

However, Gunn did mention that Vol. 3 will be the final iteration of the current version of the Guardians, therefore there may be a chance of a shake up past 2020 for Marvel films.

While fans are speculating as to what Marvel has in store, I for one and super excited for the future.


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