JBL Quantum 400 Headset Review

Earlier this year, JBL announced the release of their gaming headset line, JBL Quantum. Thanks to the team at JBL, I was fortunate enough to have received the JBL Quantum 400 wired headset to not only unbox ahead of its launch in Australia but also review.

Below are my thoughts on the latest gaming headset to enter the Australian and New Zealand market. Please bear in mind that I’m no expert or audiophile. My technical expertise when it comes to headsets are quite limited but I do appreciate good, quality, sound and comfort.

JBL Quantum 400


Right out of the box, the Quantum 400 looks like a typical gaming headset. With a metallic black finish, the headband feels sturdy and made of a durable plastic material that give off a polished and sleek look, while being incredibly lightweight. The ear cups are made of memory foam ear cushions that almost look like pillows for your ears. With the inclusion of a boom mic, the complete headset certainly portrays the ‘made for gamers’ design that is not only attractive but also functional.


The Quantum 400 features an immersive surround sound that allows you to hear almost everything (or what seems like everything, including footsteps crunching on gravel). This feature stems from the inclusion of the JBL QuantumSound Signature technology, which gives your sound levels that extra boost. Think of it as similar to Dolby Atmos, but without needing to download a special add on. Bear in mind though, the JBL QuantumSound is not available on console or mobile devices.

When it comes to the boom mic, this JBL headset is the first that I’ve used that has it in built rather than an add on. The mechanic to mute and unmute the mic is clever, with a simple flip up and down motion and an auto on and off function. What I enjoyed most about the mic, though, is the crisp audio that I was able to record from it. In my experience, headsets often focus more on the sound you hear through the ear cups rather than the sounds you create through the mic. This was definitely a standout feature for me when using the headset.

Another key feature that I was thrilled to discover is that the headset is made to work on every platform. This includes PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile and even Macs! I’ve never come across a headset that worked across this many platforms before, making this particular headset such value for money.

Of course, the Quantum 400 boasts a game-chat dial that is Discord certified. I’ve not delved into this feature as yet to really understand how it works with Discord/Team Speak but it sounds like another valuable feature to have.

Finally, my favourtite feature of the headset is having the ear cups light up with RGB colours, which can be customised. Using the JBL Quantum Engine software, you can choose a vast variety of colour selections to jazz up your headset, something I very much enjoy doing. The software itself is fairly easy to use and have a cyberspace, high-tech style to it, making it feel like you’re customising some serious tech!

JBL QUantum 400


As someone who wears glasses and can’t tolerate having something sit on my head for too long, the Quantum 400 provided the much needed comfort I desire when using a headset. The ear cups didn’t press down on my glasses frames and I didn’t feel my ears grow too hot after a few hours of use.

Though this isn’t game-changing, it is an important aspect when it comes to choosing which headset I use for prolonged use. My ears felt fairly cool throughout use and the light weight of the headset overall allowed me some breathing room. It was much nicer than other headsets in the past that my hair would get caught in, especially as I started to sweat, or have pinch the sides of my head.

Ease of Use

Similar to other headsets I’ve tried, this headset was easy to use with a simple plug and play. I didn’t need to really use the JBL Quantum Engine software if I didn’t want to, as the headset worked as soon as I plugged it in to my PC and Switch. The ease of use also means that this headset can be used for more than just gaming. It works perfectly as a normal headset to listen to music, as well as use for work and those daily Zoom meetings.

There’s not much I can really fault about the Quantum 400. It’s comfortable, it sounds great, it’s light and it looks sleek. If at all I had to pick on one aspect I didn’t enjoy, it would have to be the fact that this pair were wired.

If you’re looking for a new headset to try that’s value for money? Give the JBL Quantum 400 a try.

Check out our unboxing video of the headset below.




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