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Level Up With Edifier’s Luna HD and G4 Headset

Edifier Gaming

If you’re a serious gamer you know how important it is to have the right equipment by your side. Whether that be the perfect gaming PC, a high tech keyboard or decked out chair, there’s one thing you can’t game without – pristine audio. Luckily, Edifier has you covered, whether you’re a console or PC gamer, or if you prefer headphones or speakers. Simply pick the perfect model, colour and style for your setup and game into the night.

Perfect your gaming experience with the Luna HD speakers

Edifier’s Luna HD speakers are a specced up version of a gaming classic, the Edifier Luna E25. Equipped with 3 different input options, Digital Signal Processing and Bluetooth 4.0 technology, these new and improved high tech speakers will complete any gaming setup. Your console configuration has never looked (or sounded) so good.

Like gaming in the comfort of your living room? That’s no problem for the Luna HD. With new optical input, you can plug these speakers right into your television and game away in a true cinematic experience. Dim the lights, sit back and turn up the volume on your ultimate gaming setup.

Need some serious bass power to really immerse yourself? Fortunately each Luna HD speaker is equipped with a 3⁄4 / 19mm tweeter and a 3 inch /76.2mm full range speaker drive, providing the listener with a total RMS of 74 watts. As well as this, each speaker contains two 3 inch / 76.2mm passive bass radiators, giving you the kitted out bass experience you need. If you’re not only a gamer but an audiophile as well, the Luna HD is the perfect speaker for you. Incorporating Digital Signal Processing and Dynamic Range Compression reduces distortion even when you’ve got the volume turned all the way up. No need to compromise on powerful bass or high fidelity audio when you’re gaming with Edifier.

The Luna HD speakers are available here.

Game in comfort with the G4 Headset

If you like combining gaming with comfort, then Edifier’s G4s are the perfect headset for you. With leatherette ear pads you can game for hours on end plus the retractable flexible boom mic combines style with practicality and reduces the chances of damaging the microphone. You can game in peace knowing Edifier’s got your back.

Do you prioritise a highly immersive gaming experience? Luckily our G4 headphones are equipped with a 7.1 audio sound card, pinpointing sounds that help you to target your enemies movements and stay on top of your competitions.  As well as this, there is a built in vibration feature that truly takes you inside the video game.

We also understand style is important, which is why the G4 comes in 3 different colours and incorporates a crafted metal mesh LED light design on the ear cups. Game into the night in both style and comfort while hearing everything your virtual world has to offer.

The G4 headset will be available in June in red, green and white here.


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