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It’s Finally Here!! Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Has A Trailer!

Infinity War Trailer

After years of build up, hype and much anticipation, fans were yesterday treated to a teaser trailer, courtesy of Marvel and the Russo Brothers, that depicted the journey that Marvel Studios has endured over the past decade, creating characters and a world which would eventually lead to the greatest superhero mashup film of all time, Avengers: Infinity War. 

Today, the official Infinity War trailer has finally landed, a trailer so marvelous that it gave myself and so many other fans the world over, chills!

The teaser is especially amazing because it details the fans reactions throughout the decade building up to Infinity War. I definitely felt slightly emotional having sat through every Marvel film and realising how each film, bit by bit has been leading up to the crucial moment of Thanos’ arrival on Earth.

Check out the teaser and the official trailer below.

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