Mini CES

MSI’s Mini CES Event in Melbourne

Last night, I was fortunate enough to be one of a select few to have been invited to MSI’s mini CES event. The event was essentially a showcase of MSI’s latest and greatest in laptop technology and almost felt like an intimate product launch event, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

The event was held in the boardroom of a hotel close by to where I work, so it wasn’t too difficult to find. Not only was the location convenient but as soon as I entered the room, I was treated with incredible hospitality, being served pizza and drinks to fill myself up with before viewing the products on display. This to me, was such a lovely gesture, especially having come directly after work. 

Mini CES

While the food was amazing, I was definitely taken by the innovative displays throughout the room. From the coloured display stands to the RGB lights on the laptop keyboards, I was given a visual treat, something that the tech nerd in me really enjoyed. 

The MSI team were really thorough in their explanations of what each product was and how it fit into their lineup of innovative new technologies for gamers and creators. First up was the Prestige 14 line, a compact, light-weight model made for creators on the go. Available in Silver, Black and Rose Pink, I was really impressed at the way these models were displayed. The Rose Pink version was cleverly put together for anyone who loves a more feminine touch, with a pink theme all over. Even the MSI dragon mascot keyring was in pink! 

Mini CES

Next up was the new & improved Creator 17 series, which according to the CES 2020 press release, “sits at the pinnacle of excellence for content creation, enabling creators to take the power of a fully-loaded professional studio on the go”. Unlike the older models, this newer version is the first of its kind to come with a Mini LED display and meet HDR 1000 standards. From what I saw, the display was even better than that of an IMAX screen, just on a smaller scale.

Following that I got to see the GF65 camouflage laptop, which looks like a beast but is made specifically for University students who are looking for a laptop to work on but with the added functionality of playing games, while looking sleek and cool to boot. 

Mini CES

Finally, leaving the best for last, I was blown away by the design of the GE66 Raider and the GE66 Raider Dragonshield Limited Edition. These two pieces of gaming technology blew my mind with how thin and light they were, while looking absolutely stunning! The Dragonshield Limited Edition in particular was designed to look like a Star Wars-esque spacecraft, which made it all the more appealing to a geek like me. If only there weren’t so few of these in the world!!

For more information on these laptops, have a read of the press release here

I had an incredible time checking out the latest in laptop technology from MSI and can’t wait to hopefully give some of these laptops a try one day soon! Thanks MSI for inviting me to the Mini CES event!! 


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