Play Has No Limits

Sony Interactive Entertainment Debuts Global Spot for PlayStation 5, “PS5 Launch – Play Has No Limits”


Sony has revealed its latest spot devoted to PlayStation 5 in time for its November launch.   

Here’s the official release from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

There’s something inside all of us that compels us to explore. To reach beyond what we know, and to immerse ourselves in new sights, new sensations, new emotions. This launch film for PS5 will bring that powerful desire to life, and inspire every player to seek out new, gaming experiences that go beyond what they thought was possible.

Using a combination of archive footage and live action re-enactments, “PS5 Launch – Play Has No Limits” ignites the feeling of discovery in gamers, bypaying homage to explorers of the past who stood on the threshold of the unknown and pushed past their limits to achieve the extraordinary.

“With our PlayStation 5 launch spot, ‘PS5 Launch – Play Has No Limits,’ we want to bring to life the thrill and exhilaration that drives us to explore,” said Mary Yee, VP of Global Marketing. “Inspiring every player to seek out new worlds and experiences that challenge who we are and what we thought was possible. We want our fans to see what’s never been seen, hear what’s never been heard, and feel what’s never been felt.  With the launch of a new generation of gaming on PlayStation 5, we want to reignite this desire of discovery in players by experiencing new worlds that push the limits of what is possible.”

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