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White PS4 Pro & Monster Hunter World Edition Being Released

Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro

Sony has just announced that a stand-alone white PlayStation 4 Pro console and a limited edition Monster Hunter World PlayStation 4 Pro console will be available exclusively through GameStop and its subsidiary, EB Games.

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The white PlayStation Pro console is essentially the ‘Glacier White’ edition that came as part of the Destiny 2 bundle that was released in September last year.

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The Monster Hunter World limited edition, however, which is dubbed the ‘Rathalos Edition’, will be a game bundle, not a stand-alone.  The bundle will feature a Monster Hunter themed black PS4, a crimson DualShock 4 controller that also sports Monster Hunter decals and a physical copy of the game.Image result for monster hunter world ps4 proThe white PS4 Pro console will be available at EB Games Australia and New Zealand. The console can be purchased here (AUS) and here (NZ).

The Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro bundle will be available in limited quantities from January 26th exclusively at EB Games Australia & New Zealand for $659.95 AUD and $749.00 NZD respectively.


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