My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Review

Once upon a time there was a big fat Greek wedding; and one just wasn’t enough.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a sequel to the 2002 comedy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Starring many of the original cast, including Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Michael Constantine and Andrea Martin, the sequel brings back beloved characters for, you guessed it, another big fat Greek wedding.

The Greeks are all about family and we see early on just how ‘close’ some families can be. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 follows Toula Portokalos as she, once again, gets thrown into her family’s nutty antics, all the while struggling to maintain a strong mother-daughter bond with her teenage daughter, Paris, and a relationship with her husband, Ian. But things are never easy when one comes from a family as upfront and in your face as the one in this film.

Whilst its predecessor placed more focus on Toula, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 did a brilliant job of featuring not only Toula, but her entire family as a whole, with an emphasis on the patriarch of the family, Kostas (aka Gus), and his strong belief that he is a direct descendant of Alexander the Great.

Most comedy sequels struggle to outperform their predecessor but I found My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 to be funnier, bigger and Greeker (if that’s even a word) than the first film. Not to mention that there was more heart and a stronger concept of family depicted in this sequel.

The plot development was smooth and the film’s narrative had an easy flow to it, allowing viewers to simply sit back, relax and enjoy all that the film had to offer. Much like other comedies of this kind, this film did have a whole lot of predictability, though unlike other cases, this felt like a good thing. The film’s predictability made for a sense of relief that despite all the family drama and the cultural differences between the young and the old, the bond between each family member would not be broken. Of course, when looking at the film critically, predictability made for a lack of anything special or new to the film.

The characters were just as loud and outrageous as the first film. It’s interesting to think that the family life depicted in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 could very well be an accurate representation of immigrant families in America.

Each person watching this film will likely have their own favourite character. Mine was the little old grandmother, who without making a single sound, managed to bring me to tears as I laughed my way throughout all of her senile escapades. The grandmother added a much needed comedic break where dramatic scenes appeared to unfold.

What I really enjoyed about this film is that, not only is it funny, but it draws on important family values, illustrates serious relationship issues and shows that despite all the struggles one has been through, family will always be there to lend a hand. I found this to be a particularly touching idea. As much as the Greek family in this film were loud, oblivious, and constantly in the way, at the end of it all, they are there to love, support and cherish each and every member of their family.

There were certainly aspects that could have been done better, for example, a bit more emphasis on the ‘struggle’ Toula and Ian face as a couple as well as a bit more depth into certain scenes, but this is something that I can let go easily. This is mostly because, for the most part, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 satisfied me with its humour and plot, something that other sequels have yet to do correctly.

All in all, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was the perfect way to end the working day and made for many laughs and jokes. If you enjoy romantic comedies or you’re after an easy, relaxing film, then this film is certainly one for you.

Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

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