Warhammer 40k X Magic: The Gathering – Disrupt the gathering, War is coming!

Introducing Magic’s first ever non-Secret Lair Universes Beyond co-branded product release!

I must say, if this doesn’t get you excited for what’s to come with Magic: The Gathering’s Universes Beyond product, I don’t know what will. Warhammer is colliding with Magic: The Gathering!

Warhammer 40k X Magic: The Gathering!

I think it was far to say that back in high school, if you were into “nerd” stuff, you were either playing Magic: The Gathering or Warhammer 40k. There was no in between. And now these two massive titans of nerdom come together for an awesome collaboration. Releasing today (and hopefully you preordered because these decks are flying off the shelves) and featuring characters from through-out Warhammer’s colourful and deadly cast. Wizards of the Coast are launching 4 complete Commander decks. Each one focusing on a different faction. All of the 4 decks are ready to play right out of the box and feature an extraordinary number of brand new cards, as well as a number of brilliant reprints with fantastic new art!

Let’s see who’s enlisted!

Each of the decks come in two editions, regular and collectors. Before we jump into the differences between those two, let’s check out the decks!


First up we have the Tyranid Swarm deck. The Green, blue and red deck.

Tyranid Swarm features, you guessed it, a whole bunch of ‘nids. The main focus of the deck is to summon a bunch of creatures and dish out a heap of +1/+1 counters and just overwhelm your opponents.


Next up we have the mono black, Necron Dynasties deck.

This Necron deck is all about artifacts and putting things into the graveyard. And then bringing them back for complete devastation. Orb of Resurrection anyone?


One fo my favourite factions from a visual perceptive is next. A blue, black and red deck. This Ruinous Powers.

This Ruinous Powers deck is complete chaos. Demons, Space Marines and huge mechs! Oh and my favourite card: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

And finally we have Forces of the Imperium. The blue, black and white Inquisitor deck.

This deck has an excellent mix of card draw, creature destruction and token summoning. Destroy all of your opponents creatures and instantly summon a gaming winning swarm of soldiers. Sounds like a solid battle strategy.

To see the complete deck lists, head on over to the office deck list page here and to check out all the sweet new art work, see the gallery here.

Surging into collections!

The decks come in the regular editions or collectors editions. The regular edition decks are like your typical Commander precons. A full playable Commander deck with 2 foil commanders, tokens, a deck box and life wheel.

The collectors editions come with a full, completely foiled out deck. All the creatures, spells, lands and even tokens are fully foiled. And not only that, the foiling on all of the cards has the new spell Surge treatment. Check it out below.


I’m so excited to try out these deck and play with all the new cards. Like I mentioned, they’re available now at you LGS, but be sure to get in quick!

If you’re looking for more awesome ways to get into Magic: The Gathering, I highly recommend checking out Jumpstart! What’s that? Read all about it here!

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